Posted on Jun 6, 2011

From the concept behind a stellar restaurant experience to the architecture of a well-plated dish, design touches the culinary world in countless ways. And if you read my blog, you know how I love food. In 2008 Dwell Magazine created the Square Meal section as a place in which to explore the intersection of food and design. At this year’s Dwell on Designthey bring Square Meal to life!

In Los Angeles, June 26-28 the Dwell Conference will look at the food world through a design lens. They’ll be hosting panels, lectures, live demonstrations, and LA’s first mobile restaurant row on Saturday evening June 27, featuring some of the city’s best eateries on wheels. Check out the schedule of events and don’t miss Square Meal at Dwell on Design!

Dwell says” Typical street food in American cities has long been associated with a limited menu of greasy hot dogs, soft pretzels, and barely passable tacos. But as adventurous chefs give up the heat of restaurant kitchens for the experimental territory of mobile eateries, urbanites are finding a much wider array—and a much higher quality—of food on the go. In this session we look at how the unpredictable atmosphere of street-side dining and the advent of social technology have turned the dreaded ‘roach coach’ into a sought-out destination.”

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