Posted on Aug 13, 2012

The Collier Hardware store, located in the heart of downtown Chico, has been the hardware store of choice for many Chico residents for good reason.  Housed in a building finished in 1871, you can feel the sense of history while shopping for items ranging from BBQ’s and fireplaces to lawn and garden equipment. Collier Hardware is well known for their well-stocked tool department. They have a wall that is 25 feet long for their nuts and bolts!

Collier Hardware downtown Chico

My favorite part of this store is their unexpectedly superb supply of kitchen gadgets.  They stock a wide variety of high quality brands such as Kitchen Aid, All-Clad and Le Creuset.   Where else can you buy a gate latch and an orange Le Creuset tea pot in the same location?

Collier Hardware Kitchen Utensils le creuset kitchen aid all-clad

Next time you are in Chico, I recommend a visit to Collier Hardware. It is located at105 Broadway Street. You won’t be disappointed!

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