Posted on May 1, 2013

Nothing starts my day like a great cup of coffee in downtown Chico. The old brick buildings and college town flavor adds to the great taste of an Americano.

Back at home, the Chihuahuas get their breakfast too. I start my morning stretches to get my blood pumping and then I’m ready to rock and roll! Foxy is too… once I’m seated at my desk, she barrels down the hallway and jumps on my lap to begin a full day’s work.

Kerrie and I met with a great new customer yesterday and we begin to assist in their re-model. After we take photos and understand their style, design goals and dreams, we get to work selecting the perfect pieces. Not only do we search for products that match their style, being made in America is an important factor too!

Wow! It’s lunch time already?! The morning flew by and it is time to have a quick veggie soup. Time flies when you’re having fun!

During the afternoon, I’m able to select the remaining items for this remodel. I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I will be at the lab so that I can collaborate with the team. Then we can finalize the appropriate fabrics for pillows, upholstery, rugs and window coverings. It is so much fun to see a design come to life!

After printing today’s work, I have time to squeeze in a quick walk with the dogs before dinner. It’s so beautiful up here! It’s the perfect temperature and all of the wildflowers are blooming.

Feeling refreshed, it’s time for dinner- something my husband and I enjoy preparing together.  Jason is a BBQ expert and tonight he is grilling Halibut. Dinner is always better with a great glass of red wine… and I usually save room for a little desert, too!

We have a little bit of time to watch a little TV (isn’t The Voice great?!) and to read for a few minutes before turning in for the night. Time to rest up! There’s another full day of fun tomorrow!

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