Posted on Apr 4, 2017

Okay, okay, you caught us. We spent another weekend in Napa! However we have some juicy details to share about some up and coming landmarks, a new winery we’re excited to add to our ritual trips, and some pretty pictures to show off, too. Let’s get started, shall we?

An Italian winery nestled in the heart of Napa Valley, Castellucci is quickly becoming one of wine country’s most prestigious landmarks. Offering more than just a sip of great wine, the Castellucci family promises an experience unlike any other. The main attraction? The Ink House. A hotel property situated in St. Helena, the Ink House (opening Fall 2017) is famous for its panoramic views of sprawling vineyards and its vintage exterior. Once a vacation home to Elvis Presley, it served as his musical muse (and you can see why in the below pictures)!

The family’s history is woven into each of its businesses. From the pride they take in the distinct flavoring and crafting of their superb wines, to the ornamental fixtures, decor, and selections that go into each of the room’s at The Ink House, guests can feel the love and care the Castellucci’s put into their Napa spaces. While the wine-making may have started in a basement almost a century ago, the Castellucci children have elevated their father’s craft into an upscale experience with attention paid to every detail.

Thanks to the growing popularity of painting class supplemented by a yummy glass of wine, we’re all noticing that the two are a match made in heaven. Durant & Booth took notice, too, and began offering wine club members and patrons of their Oakville winery the chance to learn to create their own masterpieces while sipping on their unique varietals and blends. Durant & Booth specializes in creative blends, brought to fruition through equally creative methodologies. Even their label showcases the company’s mission to bring uniqueness to wine country.

Additionally, the brand celebrates playfulness, history, and Napa Valley’s historic roots. One of our favorite takeaways from the winery was their use of an old-timey mailbox. With supplied postcards and pencils (decorated in the brand’s beautiful labeling, of course), Durant & Booth encourages visitors to take a postcard, or five, and write to their friends and family, sending a little piece of Napa to wherever they are in the world. The winery will supply the stamps and send on your behalf so you can sit back and enjoy your wine knowing that your mom or cousin or long lost friend will be taken care of in just a few days time.

With a rich history rooted in the pioneering times of California, Durant & Booth offers a fresh and innovative take to wine-making as well as wine sipping, with thoughtful details and world-class service. We’re happy to raise our glass to their beautiful bottles and just as beautiful wine any day!

One of our personal favorite Napa hangouts, Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen is the perfect blend of comfort and cool. We had the pleasure of meeting Cindy herself and with her friendly demeanor we immediately knew we’d be in for a delectable treat. With such decadent dishes as stuffed piquillo peppers and a home-sweet-home style wild mushroom pot pie, Cindy’s is a backstreet kitchen with uptown taste.

Who else is ready to ditch their afternoon meetings and hit the dusty trail for Napa Valley?

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