Posted on Apr 21, 2017

To any one person, 100-years is a long time, for, well, anything. To a company, though, it’s more than a lifetime—it’s a legacy of products and customer service, a cycle of employees, managers, and customers, and plenty of time to reinvent and evolve. For Thermador, though, 100-years is a drop in the design bucket.

THERMADORTheir guiding philosophy of ‘innovation that drives performance that leads to timeless design’ has guided the brand through multiple successful product launches, customer initiatives, and brand developments. In our books, Thermador is a trusty kitchen vendor with standup products, quick customer service, and stylish offerings from candy-colored ranges and modern shaped ranges, refrigerators, and accessories.

We recently had a representative of theirs come to our Design Lab to chat with the team about what’s new, what’s next, and what’s on their radar for the next few years. Here’s what we learned:

Their blog is a fantastic resource.

When some brands attempt to evolve into a lifestyle name, the road to success can be a bumpy one. When a kitchen company known for stainless steel, gas vs. induction, and lots of rules and regulations jumps headfirst into the blogosphere, you’d expect a less than impressive premiere. However, Thermador is an exception, and an impressive one at that. From recipes oozing with lifestyle photography and snappy verbiage, to blogs breaking down kitchen style essentials, Thermador’s blog is a great resource for clients and designers alike.

Designers—this is an excellent way to show your clients that Thermador is hip, stylish, and definitely in-the-know. Clients—Take a look for yourselves and get lost in the wonderful wormhole of kitchen style blogging and comfort food recipes created on beautiful cooktops .

They’ve created much-needed continuity.

There are few brands that pop into our minds when we think of the word ‘full-service’. Kitchen appliance brands especially have a hard time creating a one-stop-shop for designers because products range in size, shape, color, and function. For instance, everyone needs a microwave and oven, though they’re rarely used every day or in tandem to create an experience.


Enter Thermador. With their built-in coffee machine and assortment of wine refrigeration products, there is really no reason to leave your kitchen. Start the day with a frothy latte, pickup a mid-day espresso, and celebrate 5 o’clock with a glass of vino from your statuesque wine preservation column or sly under-counter wine fridge. From the time you wake up to the moment you rest your head on the pillow again, Thermador is there with a helping hand (and a heaping glass) to ensure your day goes according to plan.

Their products combine fashion + function.

Nobody actually likes to shop for a new microwave or dishwasher or cooktop. However, when browsing the Thermador website, you’re put at ease with the variety of options, pretty lifestyle imagery, catchy lingo, and an easy to understand breakdown of the product categories and offerings. When you’re looking at their refrigerators (I mean, culinary preservation centers), you’re whisked away into a wonderful world of customizable cold storage combinations, from wine integrations for entertaining to an extra-large freezer for all of your meal prepping.

With the ability to create a kitchen that cooks and entertains a party of 20 to the space that’s just big enough for you and your special someone, there’s something for everyone, and a style to match. Urban, traditional, French, classic—all styles are represented and created beautifully. If you’re looking to build your dream kitchen, we suggest starting here as Thermador might know you better than you know yourself.


Being able to connect with the designer or client is difficult to do as a 100-year old brand, especially in the day and age of digital marketing, social media, and up-to-the-minute news. However, Thermador will forever be on our radar for making our team and our clients feel knowledgeable, in the loop, and in charge of creating a cool and clean kitchen space to call our own.

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