Posted on Jun 9, 2017

As designers, we are noticing a shift in the way homeowners are looking at their home. For instance, many of our design clients are opting for smaller, cozier homes with lots of charm, rather than a sprawling estate. Additionally, they prefer kitchens with personality and functionality—just enough space for the family to gather and interact, but not so much that cleaning and maintaining the design would be exhausting.

space saving

If you’re like our clients and looking for a smaller, cozy kitchen space that combines fashion and function, you’re probably also looking for savvy space-saving ideas. One thing we can all agree on is that the kitchen needs lots of accessible storage that’s tidy and easy to conceal. Here are a few of our favorite space saving tips for cozy kitchens:

Choose a Neutral Paint Color

While white may seem overdone or boring, it can actually breathe new life into a small kitchen! A fresh coat of white paint, or something neutral like taupe or a lighter gray, can visually expand the space, making your kitchen feel cleaner and more open. Additionally, if you have windows in the kitchen or facing the space, the sunlight will create a lighter and brighter atmosphere. It’s a win-win!

Use Built-In Space

When you go to install appliances in your kitchen space, think drawers, cubbies, and cabinets. By finding a functional hiding spot for your microwave or refrigerator, you’ll free up much-needed counter space and reduce visual clutter. The Sharp Microwave Drawer Oven, for example, combines sleek style with mobility. Its elegant finish is easy to incorporate into many kitchen designs, and its various placement options are super flexible, maximizing sight-lines and enabling more design versatility than your standard built-in, over-the-range, or countertop microwaves.

space saving

Tap Into Mobile Storage

Lucky for small kitchen owners, mobile storage like bar carts and rolling islands are on-trend and perfect for cozy spaces. Maximize your kitchen square footage by using a rolling cart to store non-perishable food, dishes that get occasional use, or barware like stemware, shakers, and strainers.

To truly maximize your kitchen space, consider removing clutter that blocks sight-lines. If you have a door, remove it. Low-hanging cabinets? Bring them up a notch. Appliances on the counter? Find storage space to put them in the pantry, on shelving, or tucked onto your new mobile storage solution. Removing visual clutter creates a more streamlined space conducive to cooking, cleaning, and conversation.

Are you a small-space owner? How have you tackled storage solutions in your kitchen?

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