“Kerrie and her team have been amazing in listening and guiding us through the interior and exterior design process of our new home. They have continued to “wow” us with their ideas, recommendations and design. Looking forward to sharing our final results soon!” {Houzz}

K. Kotaska, Sacramento, CA

“We feel so fortunate to be working with Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. This design firm is comprised of exceptionally professional and creative individuals who clearly love what they do. They are patient, kind, and want only the best for their clients and their collaborative spaces. The resources at their fingertips are endless, and each step of our design process has been an absolute pleasure. We are so excited to have connected with the best of the best.” {Houzz}

G. Kicinski, Granite Bay, CA

“Katie and Lori helped my wife and I design our perfect nursery. We had explained the troubles we ran into with another designer and we’re nervous at first to work with any designers, however when we explained what we wanted Katie and Lori made everything extremely smooth and their attention to detail and care for an amazing end result in unprecedented. We will be using this team for all future remodels and decor ideas. They are hands down, the best and most attentive to detail we have ever worked with. We are so happy we met them. You can’t go wrong with this company and the employees that work here, they are all so great.” {Houzz}

J. Johnson, Sacramento, CA

“Kerrie and her team did a fantastic job choosing new furniture for my living room. I worked with them to order a sectional sofa, ottoman and ceiling fan. They immediately picked up on my style and pushed me to think differently about color and fabric choices. I’m so glad they did because it turned out beautifully. The order took a little longer than anticipated (4 months) but it was worth the wait.” {Houzz}

M. Parnell, Sacramento CA

“Kerrie was terrific in spite of the fact that I was almost broke having just closed escrow on my little midtown flat in Sacramento. She took on the challenge and she and Kasey nailed it! They transformed my empty little flat into a classy and comfy place. Mostly while I was elsewhere by the way. We agreed on what they came up with in their lab and then I just stayed out of the way. It’s awesome!” {Houzz}

R. Caselli, Sacramento CA

“Our experience working with Kerrie Kelly Design Lab was fantastic! Their professionalism and keen eye for design is unmatched. We embarked on a total remodel of our home and could not have made it through the process without Lori and the team at Kerrie Kelly. Lori patiently worked with us from the beginning, starting with the floor plan design; to be sure we achieved the goals we had for the use of our home. With her help, we selected interior/exterior colors, lighting, cabinetry, flooring, counter surfaces, furnishings and the list goes on. Our project turned out Beautifully!!” {Houzz}

J. Hemington, El Dorado, CA

“Our bathroom was featured on the TV show Bath Crashers. Lucky for us Kerrie Kelly was the designer. We did not get to talk about ideas before the show, but she did an amazing job of designing a bathroom for me based on the style through out the house. After the show, she was very helpful in helping me switch a couple of things. I cannot wait to work with her and her team again in the future.” {Houzz}

A. Hummelberg, Folsom, CA

“KKDL did two amazing model homes for us at The Mill at Broadway, in Sacramento. They were easy to work with and had an amazing aesthetic. We can’t wait to work with them again.”

K. Bardis, Sacramento, CA

“Kerrie and her team were not the first designer I met with, but they were certainly the last.  After meeting with other well known local East Sacramento design shops  I left feeling more confused and frustrated then when I walked through the doors.

Kerrie was a completely different story.  She got it.  I am a stay at home mom with two young and energetic boys and the last thing I have time for is to do the research and find good quality furniture that fits our space.  Kerrie and Katie listened to me and completely took the reigns.  All I needed to do was pin my favorites on Pinterest (which I have time to do…) and pick out some favorites on Houzz and they did the rest.

They provided me an extensive breakdown with several options for each type of piece I was considering. It amazed me how they mixed and matched materials and somehow managed to make it all look beautiful. They even helped me to use existing items to blend with their new design and coordinated with contractors for painting, hanging pictures, etc.

When the time came for the “reveal”  I didn’t know what to expect.  If I could describe it in one word it would be “WOW”.  I was drawn to tears.  I felt like I had officially grown up!

Thanks you for everything!”

E. Gonsalves, Sacramento, CA

“Kerrie Kelly and her entire staff have been wonderful to work with. We had a near empty living room and dining room and they helped us fill the entire room from floor to ceiling with Furniture, lighting, rugs, and artwork. The whole gammit and its absolutely beautiful! I couldn’t have imagined it any better. I can’t believe its my house! They were spot on with our style and wants and respected our desired budget. Her entire team is friendly, fun, personal, professional and always attentive to questions and concerns. I have used Kerrie Kelly for multiple projects (master bedroom, family room, hallway, outdoor living) in my home and will continue to work with her and her staff.” {Houzz}

C. Whitson, Sacramento, CA

“Hiring KKDL was our first experience with a designer. I was quite apprehensive to turn over the reigns. Kerrie and her team absolutely nailed our vision for our home. They struck a great balance of pulling us a bit out of our comfort zone but not so far that it isn’t “us” or doesn’t work for our family. KKDL also made selections for a new office space we moved into. It is stunning! Kerrie and her team are professional but their love for what they do is plainly evident in their work and the attitudes they bring to the job. Kerrie was also very available for my many detailed questions and emails throughout the job. The costs and timelines were very clear and upfront. I never felt like anything was hidden or in question. Thank you KKDL!” {Houzz}

E. Roane, Roseville, CA

“Kerrie and her team did the complete interior remodel of my condo. From redoing the fixtures, paint, AV system, furniture (both indoor and outdoor), as well as coordinating all of the deliveries, cleaning, etc. She was able to incorporate my artwork and several furniture pieces I already had into a an intelligently blended ensemble of furniture.

At first, the place was outdated and lacked a comfortable feeling. I now have a modern place that is much better and stylish than I ever imagined.
I found Kerrie to be immensely reliable, honest and talented. The plus is that she is friendly and has a very cooperative disposition. In a nutshell, she’s the best!!

Also- I was not able to click onto the rating but she gets a 5 star rating!!!!” {Houzz}

F. Nunez, Sacramento, CA

“Kerrie and Katie, one of her designers, first redesigned our whole atheistic in the house. We moved oversees and our tastes had changed significantly, from Mediterranean to Contemporary. This included new paint, flooring, fixtures and other design elements, no construction. The second phase they supported was selecting all the new furniture, colors, furnishings, etc. They did a beautiful job with both and have been very easy to work with and responsive. They listen well to what I wanted, and did their best to recreate my inspirations, but make even better.” {Houzz}

R. Dineen, Sacramento, CA

“My wife and I decided to remodel our home, but we needed assistance in selecting furniture and artwork , color of paint for the rooms, and lighting fixtures. I did not want to spend my precious downtime/weekends going to furniture, paint, and lighting stores looking for these items. And with all the decisions involved in a makeover project, we really needed help in narrowing down our choices. So after searching for an interior designer, we found Kerrie Kelley Design Lab. Kerrie and interior designer, Katie Tomlinson came to our home, took photos and measured the living, family, and dining room. Then we had discussion of our wants and needs in the makeover. So about several weeks after their visit, Kerrie and Katie came up with a design plan. We went over their design plan, made some minor changes, then ordered all the items that they had picked out for us. About two months later, Kerrie and Katie had the items delivered to our home and installed all of the items. Except for the light fixtures, which I had my own electrician to do that. After everything was installed, my wife and I were totally in awe with the transformation. Needless to say, Kerrie and Katie are truly professionals in their craft. And they accomplished we wanted by giving our home that “look and feel” of a model home.” {Houzz}

K. Jomoc, Fairfield, CA

“Great experience! Kerrie is amazing! She picked out rugs, new chairs, pillows and re-upholstered a number of our chairs. She selected some great fabrics that added warmth and character. She suggested window coverings for our living room and kids rooms that was perfect for each space. My favorite was this awesome picture wall! She re-framed our family photos to fit more of a contemporary look. Love, love love everything she did.” {Houzz}

T. Skinner, Sacramento, CA

“I moved to Sacramento three years ago, with a house full of furniture too big and the wrong style! We had downsized from 4,000 sq. ft., to 2800. Totally by accident I wandered into Kerrie Kelly’s design studio and the warm reception and energy just swept me away. But I really was not sure I wanted a decorator…I still went ahead and arranged a home visit. Kerrie and her associate Jill Williams, listened to my comments, Kerrie was willing to incorporate my sentimental family items into a new design and she was patient with my being a “faux”designer, and I appreciated the quality of the furnishings Kerrie provided. I have had so much fun working with Kerrie and her staff, they are professional but not stuffy, they want your home to reflect you and not a cookie cutter design. I highly recommend Kerrie Kelly!!!” {Houzz}

E. Carey, Sacramento, CA

“Kerrie and her team approach each project with unmatched enthusiasm, flair, and personal touches that make your space unique, fun, and completely stunning. She treats each client as if they’re a personal friend that she’s known for years which makes every design decision fun. Kerrie Kelly Design Lab is the best of the best!” {Houzz}

E. Acuna, Santa Clara, CA

“Kerrie Kelly and her staff are a great team to work with. Kerrie’s resourcefulness and extensive knowledge in the area of universal design helped us create a beautiful space for our residents while staying within our modest budget.” {Houzz}

Eskaton, Roseville, CA

“Kerrie Kelly and her team consistently went above and beyond to make my overall experience an excellent one! They are so high energy, positive and my home looks so amazing. This has been a dream come true for our family. I so appreciate Kerrie’s ability to see our vision as her own and make it come to life! Having two young children, one of which is special needs, really dictated where the design could go. Kerrie made it gorgeous and family-friendly. The fabrics are durable and beautiful. The furniture is unique and comfortable. I highly recommend Kerrie Kelly!” {Houzz}

J. Ferguson, Roseville, CA

“I know you all probably hear this all the time but I want to say it, too. You guys are so incredibly talented and have a genuine gift of understanding people and being able to translate it into an atmosphere. I’m still amazed at how well you ladies narrowed down my likes beyond the basic “safe” styles of people in general with what little information I shared – and it could’ve easily gone in a million different directions! I feel privileged to have you all on my side. Thank you!”

J. Robinson, West Sacramento, CA

“Working with Kerrie and her team was an absolute joy. They were able to completely transform our property into a dream home. Kerrie and her staff are professional, imaginative, thorough, and attentive. The work she did completely reflected our personal taste and fit our lifestyle. I would work with her again in an instant and would recommend her to everyone.” {Houzz}

K Thompson, South Land Park, CA

“5 stars isn’t enough to describe my experience with Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. Kerrie and her team were always friendly, responsive, enthusiastic and professional. Their sense of style is great and don’t force what they like on you, but instead really listen and present options to fit your taste and they are happy to work with what you already have. For almost every room / piece they presented both a reasonable and more expensive option and made you feel good about either choice! They have a great team and resources for any house project at their fingertips. From a financial perspective, I couldn’t be more impressed.. I have heard and experienced designers who nickel and dime you at every corner for their time, with KKDL you know exactly what the deal is going to be and I felt that it was very reasonable and services exceeded what I paid for!”

L. Baichtal, Roseville, CA

“The Best!!! I hired Kerrie Kelly and her team to help spruce up my drab, oversized, and underfurnished living room. She was professional, prompt, and amazingly creative!!! I was impressed that within two weeks of visiting my cape cod style home, she and her team had a presentation ready for me. The presentation incorporated all of the elements we had discussed, e.g., floor covering, furnishings, and smalls. Her selections were exciting and fresh! Decisions about furniture selection and colors that had plagued me for years, Kerrie tackled with apparent ease – a testament to her vast experience and creative vision. She also took into consideration my budget constraints, while giving the room the style and occasional “pop” I was hoping for. I have worked with a few designers in the past, but they always failed to take into consideration the style of our home, our tastes, and/or our budget. Working with Kerrie was so refreshing and fun – she is a true professional designer — the best!!!” {Houzz}

L. Matocq, South Land Park, CA

“Kerrie Kelly and her team at the Design Lab have been fantastic to work with. They took the time to understand our project and translate what we wanted out of our design and develop a plan for us. The end result has been a very cohesive design that not only has all the ideas we had but some fantastic twists that we could never have imagined on our own. I have now used KK Design Lab for my personal residence and my retail space with 100% satisfaction.” {Houzz}

M. Merri, Sacramento, CA

“These guys are the best!! Kerrie and her team were great to work with and the process couldn’t have been smoother. The final product was amazing….they completely transformed my house. Thanks again guys!” {Houzz}

M. Sanchez, Sacramento, CA

“The Kerrie Kelly Team is amazing! They bring a professional attitude along with a discerning eye toward design that is specific to the market. Great listeners with insightful input into the project. They have an amazing level of depth within the Team. Love KKDL and look forward to the next opportunity to do it again!” {Houzz}

R. Mancuso, Sacramento, CA

“Kerrie Kelly is a first class talented Interior designer. Her equity of experience brings to any client a wide variety of ideas and colors to meet the customers needs and desires. Her presentation to the buyer is extremely well done and complete in every aspect, from the floor to the ceiling and everything in between. Kerrie has a personality that is one that will make you feel comfortable in working with her and you will feel satisfied when the project has been completed. I strongly recommend anyone that is thinking of a small or large interior project to call Kerrie Kelly first. She will make it right for you and back up her work and goods 100%.” {Houzz}

R. Slagle, Lincoln, CA

“We undertook a monumental move from a small urban condominium to a new house in Sacramento, and were flummoxed by how to get our house ready and decorated while beginning demanding new jobs. Kerrie Kelly and her amazing team to the rescue! I feel so fortunate to have found the KKDL group on the Houzz site — they have been at my side every step of the way, helping me adapt my style to the house, patiently answering numerous questions prior to and during the move, and finally installing our beautiful new rooms. This is an A++ team every step of the way, and not only do I recommend them highly, I look forward to working with them again in the near future!!” {Houzz}

R. Steinhorn, Chicago, IL

“Kerrie Kelly and the team at KKDL are truly gifted artists. They started guiding us while our new home was still in the middle of construction and helped us transform it into a great living space as the end of the project. They took time to understand our requirements and preferences and put together wonderful selection of interior and exterior colors, artwork, furnishing and window covering. Suggestions to change few of the choices we had already made proved invaluable. I would like to thank Kerrie Kelly and her team for all the help and would highly recommend KKDL to my friends.” {Houzz}

S. Shah, Folsom, CA

“Kerrie has been a wonderful business partner to me for over 15 years. A true professional that I’ve relied on when it comes to communicating, providing inspiration and direction for clients. She is driven and takes on the complexities of interior and exterior design with ease and her, can-do, positive attitude. Her knowledge and experience in the industry is well respected by all the trades she works with to get the job done. I whole-heartedly recommend Kerrie as one of the best in the business.” {Houzz}

Silverado Masonry Design Center, Sacramento, CA

“The KKDL team are professionals. Their sense of style is impecable and knowledge of upcoming trends are invaluable. I hired the KKDL team to assist in color and finish selections for a custom home. It was a very collaborative process and I’m pleased with the end results. Thank you Jill and Kerrie for all your help!” {Houzz}

Skycrest Homes LLC, Chicago, IL

“Kerrie Kelly and her team are fantastic in customer service! My clients rave about her services, guidance, and expertise. I am blown away by their ideas for any living and working space, I refer their services all over town because they are the best all encompassing hip cutting edge ideas and resources. Simply a no brainer when considering her firm!” {Houzz}

T. Collom, Sacramento, CA

Whether your taste is modern, contemporary, traditional or transitional, our team has the ability to assist you effectively. Regardless of space type or budget, being in business for over 20 years allows our team to provide a seamless design process from concept to completion.

“Kerrie and her staff make great design simple and fun! My husband and I bought a new house that needed to be remodeled in record time. The design and contractor decisions seemed overwhelming until we met with Kerrie. She did an amazing job of putting together design options that reflected our tastes and budget and referred us to great contractors and material suppliers. We enjoyed working with Kerrie, appreciate her ongoing willingness to share ideas and offer input, and continue to refer her to friends who’ve all had similar, positive experiences.” {Houzz}

T. Michel, Gold River, CA

“Kerrie Kelly is an absolute pleasure to work with. Kerrie has the talent and vision to make any space beautiful. She was able to take a room that I was unsure of and transform it into a lovely living/dining room that my family and friends will spend years enjoying. She is truly a creative genius!” {Houzz}

A. Baradat, Carmichael, CA

“Our company Accent on Closets works with Kerrie Kelly Design Lab on their custom closet projects. Everyone at KKDL is so wonderful to work with. Their Professionalism reaches above the bar. The quality and creativity that comes from KKDL is amazing! We love being involved with Kerrie and her one of a kind projects!”   {Houzz}

Accent on Closets, Lincoln, CA

“Brilliant design interior spaces, filled with charm and visual harmony. An attractive and personal design with great intelligence when distributing the forms and color…..” {Houzz}

A. Martin, Spain

“Kerrie Kelly designed office remodel and oversaw entire project. She worked with contractor to ensure timely completion and design adjusted as needed with our changes. Kerrie Kelly design worked the entire project from start (removing walls and raising ceilings) to finish (carpet, lightning and pictures). Great job done and it was not an easy project as it is old building and we made several adjustments as we went along.

Perfect job done, not one complaint or issue. Finished project exceeded expectations.” {Houzz}

B. Coulson, Sacramento, CA

“I hired Kerrie Kelly and team to provide design consultation for the living room and kitchen of my new home. She did a great job. Being a guy I’m a bit design challenged. I know what I like but I’m terrible at matching things together. Kerrie helped me pick the right rugs, paintings and more. I ended up having them help do the install as well. I was very pleased. They added the modern contemporary look to my dull living room. All nice quality stuff. All my guests rave about my kitchen lights, my coffee table, my chair stools, the works. All that and mine was a small job. Thank you Kerrie Kelly!” {Houzz}

B. Ino, Rancho Cordova, CA

“Kerrie’s design skills, keen eye for detail, and bringing a modern and fresh approach is what my clients love about working with her. She also stays very in-tune to their needs and wants. The result is that wonderful finished product in the end.”

Dunnigan Real Estate, Sacramento, CA

“Kerrie L. Kelly is one of the most knowledgable interior designers in the country. Ms. Kelly was extremely helpful in designing the interior of our new home and helping with design layout, furniture and colors. I highly recommend her for any interior project or outdoor project you need.” {Houzz}

E. Galindo, Sacramento, CA

“Kerrie Kelly was my Design Center Manager at Del Webb’s Sun City Lincoln Hills. She and her staff handled over 1100 clients a year and did a magnificent job. She has taken her great talent and abilities and started her own company. Her expertise ranges from cost sensitive to you don’t make enough money. She is completely customer driven and takes your thoughts and creates your vision. Kerrie worked with my wife and I and we were in Phoenix. She stayed involved and on top of a total remodel from out of state. I would recommend Kerrie to anyone. Not only did she do a phenomenal job she is the most honest, caring, dedicated person that I have ever had the pleasure to work with.”

G. Sorrels, Phoenix, AZ

“Jill Williams and Katie Tomlinson of Kerrie Kelly Design picked out window dressings for our condo. They selected Brad Erway to install them. He did an excellent job. The window dressings were beautiful. Seeing them in the next day morning light was breathtaking. Kerrie Kelly did a fantastic job. We are very pleased with the work provided and will continue to work with them on future projects.” {Houzz}

G. King, Sacramento, CA

“I was paired up with Kerrie and her team to prepare my house for the Sacred Heart Holiday Home tour. It was a fabulous experience to work with Kerrie. Her team transformed my house into a fabulous showcase for the home tour, all with minimal disruption to me. KKDL came in, took pictures, measured, and then came back with beautiful ideas for holiday fabulousness. The design was classy, clean, personalized, and striking all at once. We loved working with Kerrie and her team and have and would recommend them.” {Houzz}


“Over the last few years of working with Kerrie, I have discovered that she is very talented and can help with any style that any customer could want. Her abilities have a very wide range and she just does a great job! I have worked with many designers over the years and Kerrie is the best and very easy to work with! I would recommend her to anyone needing help with any style project.” {Houzz}

R. Nelson, Reflections in Glass, CA

“I have had such a great experience working with Kerrie Kelly and her staff at KKDL. They stepped into the middle of a project already in progress and brought it all together. She really heard my hearts desire for our home and made it a reality!” {Houzz}

J. Johnson, Sacramento, CA

“I had the extreme pleasure of working with both Kerrie Kelly and Jill Williams at Sun City Lincoln Hills. These are two of the classiest and most professional ladies you will ever meet. I would be honored to have either one of them help me design my perfect space. But mostly, I would be excited simply for the opportunity to be around the positive energy and inspiration that comes out of the Design Lab every day.” {Houzz}

K. Rinker, Portland, OR

“Kerrie is fabulous! She helped us select all the finishes, fixtures and appliances for our kitchen, dining room, living room, family room and entry remodel. We love the cohesive look she created. Kerrie’s work wows all our guests. Before I contacted her I was nervous that she would view our project as small potatoes since my husband was going to do the work. She never did! Kerrie gave us her full focus and made us feel very comfortable. She was responsive and never left us hanging. The plan she provided thought of everything and left no room for arguments between my husband and me. How many people can say they made it through a remodel without a single fight? I attribute that to Kerrie’s attention to detail. We can’t agree on the bathroom project so I’m getting ready to hire Kerrie help us with a plan we can agree on. Like I said, Kerrie is fabulous!” {Houzz}

M. Whitten, Carmichael, CA

“Kerrie Kelly and the Design Lab was hired to help redecorate my Family room in my 1966 MCM house. She helped choose paint and trim colors, as well as choose new furnishings. The goal was to incorporate existing pieces along with the new, to create a style-appropriate, modern family room that was also comfortable and functional. She did a great job, with some nice choices that pleased everyone.” {Houzz}


“Kerrie Kelly and her crew were great to work with. They helped us redesign our office space. Wow, what a difference! We have received so many compliments on the redesign. The space just works so much better now. Thank you Kerrie Kelly Design Lab.” {Houzz}

Natomas Basin Conservancy, Sacramento, CA

“I am starting a huge kitchen remodel project and was really struggling to pin down the important stuff (counters, flooring, paint, etc). I needed to pick elements that would not only be timeless, but also somehow fresh and current while also being faithful to the original style of the house. No small feat. After months of pinning hundreds of pictures and combing through magazines, I still wasn’t sure what I wanted. I realized I really could use the help of a professional who could divine my confusing thoughts into a cohesive vision. ENTER KKDL. I worked mostly with Jill and Katie, who were extremely knowledgeable, creative, professional, and just fun to work with. They listened carefully to me and knew at once the look I was going for. We had a one-hour session at the design lab where they presented a thoughtfully curated collection of materials, textures, appliances, and paint colors for my new kitchen. We were even able to resolve some of the design issues that I had been unable to grapple with before. Considering the untold number of hours I would have spent researching and shopping around for all of these things myself, it was well worth the price. It was incredibly exciting and tons of fun to work with the team at KKDL. Now I just need an excuse to work with them again!” {Houzz}

R. Jones, Davis, CA

“Kerrie Kelly and her team made my house – my home. They transformed my home into a space I LOVE to live. The first thing I did after moving into my new home was hire KKDL. Without them, my home would still be upside down. Thanks to them, my home is right side up 🙂  They brought a fresh, modern, gorgeous perspective to my dated approach of design and swept through my home with a stroke of genius!” {Houzz}

R. Stewart, Sacramento, CA

“Kerrie designed our living and dining rooms, and she did such a beautiful job that we asked her to come back the following year for our outdoor kitchen project. Kerrie is the consummate professional. She is helpful and very prompt in responding to messages, and has completed our projects in a timely manner. We have future home projects in mind, and we would not consider anyone else. I highly recommend Kerrie Kelly and her team!” {Houzz}

S. Po, Elk Grove, CA

“I have had the pleasure of being both client and colleague with Kerrie Kelly and her team. I highly recommend Kerrie to anyone I can. She has a great sense of style and the ability to help create a space which is uniquely your own without making it seem to over done or fussy.

I am a tile contractor by trade and when Kerrie Kelly and her team are on the job I know I can count them to be there for support and direction when needed. She is always a phone call or email away, which is very important when you need questions answered about your impending tile job!

This design team is a great pleasure to work with and for! Anything you need this team can help get it done!!” {Houzz}

Sherman Loehr Custom Tile, Sacramento, CA

“We have never had the opportunity to work with a designer before. We decided we wanted the benefit of a professional “eye” in our total remodel of a condominium. We also wanted someone who realized we wanted to work with them as a partner.

Kerrie has been a great partner working on this project. She has dealt with my husband’s and my difference of opinions, as well as not hesitating to say she does or doesn’t like some ideas we have proposed. She understands we may or may not want to use her as the source for products and that we will diligently try to find the best price we can for materials and products. Very important also, are her enthusiasm as our plan comes together and her diligence in making sure we are satisfied.

I expect the results of our remodel will be its own advertisement for Kerrie, and we will definitely recommend her to our friends.” {Houzz}

S. Turnbull, Sacramento, CA

“I had an inquiry from a Kerrie Kelly from New York about one of our tables and when I googled “Kerrie Kelly” I came across your website. I was so impressed and excited to think that such a great designer was interested in one of our products. But that excitement was short-lived when I realized that you were from a different state! I instantly started following you on Houzz and your projects are truly unbelievable (especially that garage room). Anyway just wanted to let you & your team know. All the best!”

Woodcraft Furniture, NY

“Katie and Jill from Kerrie Kelly worked with us on design and delivery for furniture in our living and family rooms. We enjoyed working with them for every step of the way. Both of them were very enthusiastic and motivated throughout the process and helped us make decisions based on our style and requested color palate. In multiple instances they gave us additional furniture options in order to fit within our budget. Katie and Jill were easy to get in touch with and responded promptly to any questions that we had. They did a great job installing and hanging artwork and putting in finishing touches. It was a great experience and we would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to bring a fresh, fun look to their home.” {Houzz}

L. Louie, Lincoln, CA

“I hired Kerrie and her team to plan the colors and finishes of my bathroom update. Their selections were outstanding, so I had them come back and select the rock around my pool and the plaster color.

I really enjoy their honest, concise, deliberate opinions. They do beautiful work, and I’ll be hiring them again for my next projects.” {Houzz}

S. Baker, Sacramento, CA

“How do you make it all look so easy? Great job, Kerrie!”

G. Perez, Granite Bay, CA

“My office is the best space ever I feel like I am at home while I am at work! The Design Lab has the uncanny ability to take the thoughts in your head and transform them into the space you live!”

H. Loehr, Sacramento, CA

“We drove up to our newly painted exterior after being on vacation and were happily surprised to see such a ‘friendly new house’! Thank you for taking care of it while we were away.”

M. Fern, Sacramento, CA

“Your ideas were spot on to our vision”

M. Perez, Gold River, CA

“We love the Wallwords! They were installed perfectly and a joy to come home to! Kerrie and her team are very responsive and easy to work with. They follow up on everything and we are looking forward to the next project (our kitchen remodel).”

M. Silva, Folsom, CA

“Great job – I’m not just saying that because we’re friends – but you guys were ultra professional, creative, flexible with design ideas, and I appreciated you hunting down the various furnishings at lower prices to save me money. Bravo!”

N. Schriever, East Sacramento, California

“Everything looks great, I love the floor and the bookcase and all the details. The room is clean and fresh just like we wanted. Can’t wait to see the sofa and the rug. I think the rug will be the most spectacular feature as well as my personal favorite.”

O. Maxwell, El Dorado Hills, CA

“The whole house came out wonderful everything worked and told a complete story. Everyone was a joy to deal with a lot of laughter and very professional at the same time. I could not ask for anything more. You are the best! OXOXO”

P. Brousseau, Sacramento, CA

“If I need clothes, a party planned or something done in my house, I just call Kerrie.”

R. Helmuth, Rocklin, CA

“Kerrie is a joy and creative in exceeding the design needs of corporations and individuals alike. She is able to think out of the box and take your ideas to a level that creates fun and satisfaction. Her unique abilities cannot not be packaged. She is a custom talent who will make you glad you sought the best for your company or family.”


“You know this construction wouldn’t have happened with out you, right? We needed your ‘road map’ to give us the confidence to complete our vision. Once we had that we were off to the races. Now we can’t wait to order our furniture with you.”

M. Marcoux, Carmichael, CA

“The move went off without a hitch! Seamless, thanks to your help in space planning.”

Mills-Peninsula Health Services, Burlingame, CA

“We thought you’d want to know Phase 1 is complete! The Community Room is a beautiful shell- concrete stained floors, great wall colors (one of the 3 palettes you proposed), ceiling tiles gone & painted ceiling, lighting, and kitchen. It’s a remarkable transformation, already! Thank you!”

Sutter Place Condominiums

“Kerrie is absolutely amazing! She is the most professionally driven Interior Designer that I have met! Her creative skills are above all and she obtains her goals with ease. She has been a joy to work with, as she is patient and listens well. I look up to Kerrie and what she has achieved as the owner of the Design Lab and all of the endeavors that she has taken on, such as Home Décor, A Sunset Design Guide. Wonderful book, keep it up!”

A. Marie Wikoff, Wikoff Design Studio, LLC, Reno, Nevada

“You have done a wonderful job with our new model park in Sacramento. It really looks great.”

A. Prokop, Roseville, California

“The house would never look this lovely if not for all your guidance. Every piece of furniture, every light fixture and every window treatment you helped me choose gives this house its charm. Once again thanks so much for making my home so special.”

A. Sisco, Lincoln, California

“Kerrie’s keen sense of design, diversified experience, style, and ambitious leadership not only create a positive and productive working environment, but spaces that are truly unique, aesthetically pleasing, and beautiful. By far the most motivating manager and inspiring professional in her industry. I would work for her again in a heartbeat. I hold Kerrie in the highest of regard and would recommend her talents to any who want nothing but the best!”

E. Loftin, LEED AP, Carmel, California

“I have worked with Kerrie photographing multiple design projects. Her eye for design, color, style are visually tantalizing. She is an asset to the design community and truly an asset to any project that she is involved in.”

F. Donham, Photographer, Rancho Cordova, California

“My family came up yesterday to see the house and they all fell in love with it. I was very impressed too. Thanks to you and your whole crew, you all did a wonderful job!”

H. Do, Elk Grove, California

“I love the whole team at Kerrie Kelly Design Lab!! They have great vision. But they listen to what your vision and needs are and work with you every step of the way. So your end project is what you envisioned but a whole lot better. You couldn’t find a better team to work with.”

J. Loehr, Gold River, California

“You are the best. I cannot tell you how great it is to work with your team. I have worked with other designers and you guys are such professionals. Your designs just make me happy! Thank you.”

J. Soto, Nevada City, California

“After two failed attempts at working with different designers, I finally decided to call Kerrie Kelly Design Lab. I worked with Katie and Lori, and they absolutely nailed my style with beautiful paint colors, wallpaper and new fabrics and pillows to liven up our space.” {Houzz}

J. DeBoo, Sacramento, CA

“We love what you have done! Fantastic Job! How were you able to capture the style and tastes of both of us in the same room?”

K. Leonard, Rocklin, California

“I can’t thank you and your whole team enough for helping setting up the house for my friends. My friends were all very impressed and had a wonderful and comfortable time staying with us. Thanks so very much again.  Wouldn’t be able to pull it through without your help!”

L. Le, Elk Grove, California

“A very organized and disciplined speaker. Kerrie really knows how to give a presentation. It was obvious that she has been trained as a professional speaker. Which says a lot about her commitment to her profession. Kerrie knows her material and presented it well while interfacing with the participants. The other great thing about the presentation is that it had a “universal” appeal and did not seem to be selling one idea or product.”

M. Keathley, Dallas, Texas

“The service and care that the KK Design Lab provided me on my last project was awesome! Kerrie’s devotion to her clients is unlike anything that I have seen before or since. I would recommend her and her staff anytime.”

M. Lemos, Roseville, California

“Thanks again for all your hard work. You have a very creative (and nice) team. I think this will be a really fun project.  I appreciate planners; because that leads to success!”

M.Ostwald, Sacramento, California

“Wow is it beautiful! I cannot believe the transformation. Thank you, thank you to you and your great team for such a fabulous job!”

P. Rapetti, Mercy San Juan Hospital, Carmichael, California

“Kerrie and her assistant Katie were wonderful! Their energy and love for what they do was evident the moment they arrived! They assisted us with final design choices for our new home under construction! We were thrilled with their creativity, talents and flair! They helped everything to come together beautifully! We highly recommended Kerrie Kelly! She was fabulous!” {Houzz}

P. + J. Post, North Carolina

“Kerrie, we find it hard to think about leaving the new room. You and your team did a tremendous job! Thanks for your incredible diligence and follow through. You are a true professional.”

S. Foerster, Rocklin, California

“This home would not have sold without your assistance. Thank you very much.”

S. Foster, Sacramento, California

“We looooooove our new digs.  Thank you so much.  You are THE BEST!!!”

S. Po, Elk Grove, California

“Thank you so much! I feel like I am on HGTV and have been spoiled! Loving everything!!! Thanks again!!!”

S. Tali, Sacramento, California

“Great Job! Great People! Great experience!”

T.Stauss, Fair Oaks, California

“Thank you so much from all of us at Eskaton Lodge Granite Bay.  Our new Fireside Room is absolutely gorgeous.”

V. Cross, Granite Bay, California