Posted on Mar 8, 2017

You heard it here first, statement lighting is key to a successfully designed space. Don’t get us wrong– we love using bold accessories and fun wallpapers to create a knockout statement in any space. However, our latest and greatest obsession is statement lighting. From shimmering crystal and polished metals to seriously-stylish silhouettes, statement lighting is all about combining beauty and functionality into a piece that warrants a double take.

bold and balanced dining room

We’ve been ogling over groundbreaking collections, like 42nd Street’s Ready, Set, Glow series that reminds us of all of our go-to stops in our favorite metropolis, New York City. After all, what says “va-va-voom” more than an Astoria Chandelier above a sleek and shiny dining table? Hint: Probably nothing.

Statement lighting doesn’t mean it’s strictly glam, either. Add interest to your dining room with a pendant offering a modern spin on French ‘brasserie’ style, or create playfulness in the kitchen with an edgy alternative to the everyday chandelier. No matter what your style, simply swapping for a statement lighting piece can elevate your space to a seriously darling dimension.

Statement lighting also doesn’t have to be for just the living or dining rooms. A beautiful crystal chandelier would look amazing perched above a beautiful bathtub, and the home office can be polished and pristine with a mixture of accent lighting and a bold statement pendant.

Some rules to consider for statement lighting:

1. Have your statement lighting truly reflect your style.

2. The balance of the room can be quiet and your statement lighting can carry the aesthetic.

3. Statement lighting comes in all types– chandelier centered in the middle of the room, a reading lamp, a pair of sconces in the bathroom.

Are you ready to get glowing? Visit 42nd Street to see more from their beautiful Ready, Set, Glow collection.

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