Posted on Nov 29, 2018

The Holiday Season is upon us and maybe you have already brought out the decorations and decked the halls. What about your yard or porch? We were excited to have Ashley from Good Day Sac come by so we could share some tips to help viewers create a special outdoor space for the holidays.

Kerrie Kelly and Ashley Williams of Good Day Sacramento

Why would one want to create a festive outdoor space? There are plenty of reasons. Maybe your space is just a little too small to accomodate the vision you have for your holiday. Perhaps one of your loved ones suffers from allergies and they flare up once the tree is indoors, or your pets think the corner with the tree and presents is their new play area. Whatever the reason may be, don’t let convention get in the way of your celebrations! You can make some simple additions to elevate the experience.

Tips for Creating A Lovely Outdoor Space This Holiday Season:

Create a focal point with art, lettering or a fire or water feature. 

We’ve added a Happy Holidays window decal to make our “mark” and added unique buckets and sleds at the doorway to tie the look together.

Decorate a Tree Using a Simple Color Palette

Ribbon, ornaments and a unique bucket or stand always create interest. Make sure your lights are labeled for indoor/outdoor use! You can also illuminate the path to your space and tree.

Kerrie Kelly Good Day Sacramento Outdoor Holiday_Tree

Set the scene + cozy up

Enjoy your hard work with a cup of your favorite hot beverage, snack and cozy up with soft pillows and blankets. Make it comfortable, just as you would indoors. Use pillows, throw blankets and accessories to support the look. Infuse bold colors and prints of the season to bring everything together. You know that we are a fan of all things plaid, check, and of course, holiday RED!

Make it personal

Think about adding a personal touch for those who will be celebrating with you over the next few weeks.  while also utilizing galvanized buckets to hold birchwood and party favors for those coming by our home. You’ll see Ashley and I popping one in the segment, which you can watch below!

Holiday Party Favors stored in a Galvanized Bucket - Styled by Kerrie Kelly


Catch the segment!


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