Posted on Jan 17, 2019

Ever play tourist in your own hometown? Born and raised in Sacramento, I have seen our town grow and evolve. One of the city’s coolest neighborhoods, the R Street Corridor, has evolved from a once-neglected thoroughfare of gritty warehouses to a neighborhood that now suits the modern tastemaker called the Ice Blocks.

By developing spaces for Sacramentans to work, live and shop, the Ice Blocks has raised the Midtown bar to draw new businesses and visitors to the community. State of the art technology and community design blur the lines between public and private space.

As champions of the Sacramento cultural scene, the Ice Blocks pays tribute to the city’s indomitable spirit through public art, curated local business and event spaces for drawing the community together. Some of my favorite spots include Warby Parker for your accessory update for the eyes, Bonobos for my hubby’s wardrobe, Beast and Bounty for a cocktail and great interior design inspiration, West Elm for some home accessories, Mendocino Farms for a farm-to-fork luncheon and Philz Coffee for the perfect cup of joe.

To plan your Ice Box excursion on R street visit

The Ice Blocks – photo from The Ice Blocks

Mendocino Farms

Mendocino Farms

Philz Coffee

Bonobos – photo from The Ice Blocks

Warby Parker – photo from The Ice Blocks