Posted on Mar 13, 2019

I was “snowed in” in Las Vegas. Yep, snowed in. I was at a tradeshow and board meeting with friends from all over the country. Even though I live the closest to Las Vegas, I was the last one to ultimately get home. When I was told that my flight would be delayed until the next day at 8:30 PM, I asked myself where shall I go for the most amount of sanity. The first place that came to mind was what I knew and loved from New York—the NoMad Hotel.

The NoMad Las Vegas

I was able to check myself into the NoMad Hotel after being kicked out of my original accommodations and with that, the timing worked out to take in breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here’s a little about my experience was spending my 18-hours perched at the NoMad Bar, not to drink, but to eat and work remotely with joy.

The all-day restaurant—The Bar—serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night snacks. An eclectic menu of shareable plates, snacks, sandwiches, pasta and more is available throughout the day and into the evening.

The beverage program is created and managed by award-winning Bar Director, Leo Robitschek. Leo and his team received the honor of “Best Bar in North America” and ranked #4 in the world at the 2018 World’s 50 Best Bars.

For breakfast, I chose the NoMad breakfast, made up of the most amazing roasted, smashed and then fried potatoes, scrambled eggs and avocado. For lunch, I ordered up the chicken tacos, served on a cutting board with bright vegetables that complement the handmade corn tortillas. And just before I headed out for my flight, I grabbed dinner. For that, I enjoyed salmon with fennel and lemon yogurt.


The Bar at the NoMad Las Vegas

I have to thank the entire staff at the NoMad Bar. From morning till night, everyone welcomed me and made me comfortable, providing water, coffee and laughs along the way. I appreciate the hospitality to make an otherwise frustrating situation so very enjoyable.