Posted on Nov 4, 2019

Q: What was the inspiration for the style of the home?

A: The inspiration for this home was light, bright, tailored undertones with a pop of beautiful blushing pink. We always love to inject some color and this gave us just the right amount while still keeping it tasteful and understated.




Q: What was the client’s biggest ‘ask’?
A: The biggest ask here was to make it feel cozy and comfortable. We made sure to add on the extra layers wherever we could – you’ll find every bed, sofa and chair full with decorative pillows and throw blankets and every table surface dressed with accessories from flatware to books, to trinkets and more!





Q: Tell me about a certain space or room that you loved designing/installing most.
A: We loved designing the master suite the most! From the multi-colored hexagon bath floors to the ceiling beams to the bed that makes you just want to jump right in! We wanted to make it truly a special place in this home and think the extra care and added layers achieved just that.




Q: Tell me about a design obstacle that you overcame to make the project a success.
A: Originally this home had two large living areas, one being long and narrow and a design obstacle itself. After finally getting a design solution locked in, we found out the plans had changed and that living room was now going to be a second master suite. Back to the drawing board – and fast! We had to redesign the space and make sure all of the furniture would still arrive in time for install. Luckily, we’ve done this a time or two and that second master suite turned out to be our second favorite space in the home!





Q: What do you think your clients will most look forward to in their new space?
A: We think when potential buyers walk in, they will favor the dueling master’s (in-laws quarters!) and large wide open living spaces. There is room for the whole family to truly spread out here. 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms?! Sign us up!