Posted on May 1, 2020

How Home Décor Can Heal Us


Long meditative walks in the morning, an afternoon yoga session after work, essential oils and aromatherapy before bed—even if these practices aren’t a part of your daily routine, you are surely familiar with the concepts. Practicing self-care and incorporating wellness into our lives is now the hot topic of 2020. So, it’s not surprising that mood-elevating décor is a big part of our current design conversation. When we want to reduce stressful thoughts and anxiety, we feather in items that promote serenity and positive energy to our personal spaces—and most of the time, those items come from nature. See which home décor treasures we have rounded up for your well-balanced home.


Plants naturally help us feel relaxed, however there are just a few that can give us a better night’s rest, as well. Aloe vera plants are said to purify the air around us, while lavender and gardenia boast sleep-inducing fragrances. This year, eucalyptus and olive branches, fig trees and orchids will continue to be the key to visual interest, rest and relaxation in our homes.

Live-Edge Tables + Accessories

Much like plants, different woods have benefits for our wellbeing. Wood is one of the most naturally renewable energy sources and also absorbs carbon dioxide. When you bring live-edge pieces into your home, you’re guaranteed to enjoy some of the rewards that come with the material. Invite natural beauty and energy into your space by trading the traditional casegoods and accessories for a live edge table, console, nightstand or even a charcuterie or cutting board.



If you haven’t seen agate or amethyst accessories in your Pinterest feed yet, expect them to pop-up soon. Different cultures have displayed crystals in their homes for centuries, believing them to carry therapeutic energies. Regardless whether or not it has been proven that crystals actually bring luck or clarity to a home’s energy and its inhabitants, they do add a unique and interesting aesthetic to your home décor. With a rich, raw color and earthy texture, crystals are a welcome departure from mirrored, Lucite and acrylic pieces, making our living spaces feel more organic.



Adding calming colors from nature, such as blue and green, and natural light can be restorative while reducing stress and stimulating creative thought. Since we spend so much time indoors, it is best to layer lighting in your home. Start with amplifying any natural light source you can—if it is coming from a window or skylight, the view and ventilation can contribute to your wellbeing, too. Next add dimmable ambient light above and accent and task lighting below. Often task and accent light sources can add to the style of your home décor.

Driftwood + Vines

Though driftwood accents have long-decorated beach homes and endless grapevines are found in Napa Valley bungalow décor, they are becoming statement pieces in homes far from their origin. Driftwood and vines offer organic color and texture while also evoking the calming nature of the ocean and wine country. When you make a simple driftwood bowl or branch the center of your coffee table or mantle, you infuse your living room with California casual character.

Earthy Artwork

Being present is a goal for many of us this year. The design scene is seeing many artwork pieces packed with earthy and otherworldly symbolism. Moon phases remind us that life is cyclical, feathers keep things light and airy and oversized murals help us understand the bigger picture.

How will you create a sense of wellbeing in your home?