Posted on Nov 16, 2020

Winter is coming—is your home ready? If not, #KKDL has five steps to winterize your home and this is beyond decorating for the holidays. Homeowners that aren’t skilled in certain areas can always hire a contractor to avoid bigger costs in the long run.

Six Ways to Prepare for the Cold

·       Furnace inspection – change the air filter and schedule a professional inspection; the HVAC needs a once-over to avoid the cost of a new furnace replacement.

·       Windows and doors – consider switching out screens for storm windows, check the frames for gaps and fill any with caulk or weather stripping to prevent heat loss. We retrofitted our windows last year to update our original windows circa 1945 to Milgard Windows and immediately felt the difference. We also incorporated Hunter Douglas Roller Shades and Shutters that helped keep the heat in and the cold out.

·       Clean out the gutters – remove debris to reduce the risk of water damage; while on the ladder, try to inspect the roof or hire someone to ensure you are safe from future leaks.

·       Hose and sprinkler management – for homeowners that live in colder climates, it’s best to disconnect hoses for the winter season and add a hose bib insulator; remember to blow out the sprinkler system too.

Mendota Hearth-Kerrie Kelly Fireplace Install-After

·       Switch the ceiling fans to rotate clockwise – this produces a gentle updraft to force the warm air down; keeping a fan on low and running it clockwise allows owners to turn the heat down a few degrees to help with utility bills. This small flick of the switch creates a noticeable difference.

·       Bonus tip – invest in a gas fireplace insert. We installed a Mendota Hearth version where we customized the interior and exterior details to complement our home. Now we enjoy warm air and beautiful flames with the click of our remote. No more worries about burn and non-burn days of the year.

How will you prepare for the cooler months to come? The team at #KKDL is wishing you the happy (and coziest) of holiday seasons!