Posted on Jun 3, 2022

If there’s one thing interior designers have in common, it’s that we all get asked questions—lots and LOTS of questions. Interior design is highly personal, but there are a few guidelines and tips that can help to achieve a truly awe-inspiring space. That said, we have rounded-up some of your top asks to tackle some of your most burning interior design questions. Whether you’re wondering what size your rug should be or what the best white paint color of all time is, we have got you covered! Let’s get into it, shall we?

Q: Can I mix different metal finishes in a room?

A: Absolutely! Incorporating different metal finishes is a great way to add visual interest. Think of it as you think of your jewelry when getting dressed. You may wear a gold wedding band with silver earrings and a bracelet that brings the two metal tones together. In your home, the best way to mix metals is to coordinate the lighting and hardware finishes and then do something different for the plumbing. Pairing the finishes for the lighting and hardware helps ground the look, anchoring the mix of metals. My favorite combination is to mix cool silver tones with warm brass tones. The balance of warm versus cool metals is a fresh and modern way to add some personality to your space. It’s the little touches that give a room life.

Q: What is the best white paint color?

A: Snowbound or Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. It is a perfect blend of pigment that results in a crisp white hue wherever you paint it. It never reads too pink, green or yellow in our California light.

Q: I can’t decide what my design style is—can I just copy the catalog aesthetic?

A: We definitely suggest you commit to celebrating your own style, even if it takes time to determine what that is. Are you more traditional or really Mid-Century Modern at heart? Be true to yourself and you will end up with an interesting interior that truly feels like home. While it is great to be inspired by books, magazines, catalogs and social media, we’d never suggest you literally take a page out of a catalog. And make the process fun—don’t feel like you have to make every detail fit into your predetermined style—instead, make sure it reflects your personality and interests.

Q: How high should I hang my drapery?

A: There is nothing worse than a window covering hung too close to the window sill. A good rule of thumb is to hang them 1/2 to 2/3 the distance from the sill to the ceiling. This will draw your eye up, making your room and windows feel larger and more airy.

Q: How large should my area rugs be in the living or family rooms?

A: If it at all possible, fit all of the furniture on the area rug—and this is easy to do with custom sizing. If it isn’t possible, at least fit the front legs of your pieces on the area rug.

Q: How can I create a colorful interior when I don’t want to commit to a specific palette?

A: Start by layering colorful artwork and accents into your design. Artwork, pillows, lamp shades and accessories can create a unique color scheme that gives you more color confidence over time. Select a handful of colors—a few colorful hues and a few neutrals, and then start shopping for pieces that speak to your design style.

Q: What are some key décor elements that will elevate a room?

Accessories are crucial in making a house feel like a home. The thoughtful details tell us the story of the people who live there, which is what makes each home unique. This can be done affordably by making room for plants. Plants not only warm up a home, but they can add color and an organic element that only mother nature can make. With a current focus on wellness, a few plants strategically placed throughout a home will make you feel lighter and your guests more welcome. If you are a traveler, add curated pieces from your from your favorite trips to help tell the cross-country or passport story. Additionally, coffee table books can infuse color and interest into your home. Books can enliven a room just lined up, displaying their colorful bindings, but don’t forget to read them as their content can be pretty special, too.

What design questions are on your mind?