Posted on Jun 21, 2022

There are countless ways to style a nightstand, but we have found there are a few #KKDL essentials that create a balanced and elevated look. Check out our approach to styling any nightstand, big or small.

Start with Lighting

Illuminate the area and anchor the look with a substantial lighting fixture. A table lamp can be great for adding visual weight, but we also love incorporating sconces to free up space for other necessities.

Consider a Storage Solution

Even if your nightstand has storage in the form of drawers or shelving, having a few extra pieces to place personal items is always a good idea. We love using trays, boxes or small bowls to allow for a drop-spot for jewelry, glasses, or other daily essentials.

Add in Function

Support your lifestyle and enhance your everyday routines by bringing in elements that are pretty but not distracting. Even if you use an alarm clock on your phone, displaying a pretty timepiece on your nightstand can add a sophisticated feeling to your bedroom. Placing subtle-fragranced candle on the nightstand completes the experience.

Incorporate Nature

Style a vase that can stand alone but also lend a home to fresh or faux florals and greenery. Incorporating organic elements on the nightstand can be a great way to shift your bedroom space with the seasons without changing out any of your other pieces.

Layer in the Personal

Once you have all the essentials set, it’s time to layer in personal touches like picture frames with family photos, sentimental decor pieces found while traveling and your favorite books, too.