“A play on movement, coloration, and contrast.”

The inspiration for Kerrie Kelly Design Lab’s countertop came from “Albedo” – a characteristic of the moon’s reflectivity. Leveraging this concept allowed the design team to play with movement via coloration, crater and cloud patterns, and contrast while creating a sustainable product, ideal for residential and commercial installations.

The coloration influences came from a classic timelessness, realizing that gray’s popularity was moving toward richer tones of navy blue and black. The design team felt like navy blue would be the color of the decade, therefore the surface can be easily incorporated into a variety of spaces with an enduring aesthetic.

The Silestone Albedo solid surface is ideal for kitchen, bathroom, and laundry applications. Whether you want to create a timeless look or a dramatic centerpiece, the movement of the material is intriguing yet classic in its coloration.

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