“Kerrie Kelly Design Lab is precisely the right business to take your home to the highest level. For years, the rap on me was that my taste level was underdeveloped and it resulted in nothing being done for fear of making expensive mistakes Kerrie and Jill- (her experienced colleague) came into my home and pretty much asked me to show them around. From then on, they exchanged ideas at rapid fire- and upon reaching consensus would verify that it was directionally correct with desired outcomes. They also measured- and before they left to create the magic “look boards”, we agreed upon a budget for entire project.

The look boards meeting began with the following statement from Kerrie: “if you can’t contain a smile when you see something…that’s exactly what should happen. If you don’t react in this manner- it’s not on the table/I will not put in your house”. She was 100% right- some of the choices and completed rooms in pictures were…impossible to not be ecstatic. Knocked it out Of the park.

Kerrie and her team do great work. I never once felt uncertain throughout the client cycle from ideas, to designing and selection of perfect pieces that complement each other and the overall aesthetic…of the house’s style. She managed contractors and the kitchen renovation easily, and even picked out hard scape material (a terra-cotta colored tile laid in a letters of Herring Bone) and stones for a contrasting retaining wall section- it looks unbelievable and finishes off the Mediterranean influence of the house’s style. We came in right on budget, time, and…I would call it the single most successful project done (we have done a ton of renovations in the decade to improve value in most expensive retail geography in USA to keep it current). Custom pieces and the final touch by someone so skilled and I live in a resort, basically. It’s intentionally comfortable, yet has some of the key design elements from KKDL proprietary methodology that also keep the comfort…interesting, contemporary, and original…it’s basically perfect. And I am grateful and appreciative of KERRIE KELLY DESIGN LABS TEAM- and in particular the founder and leader for her patience…and friendship…from day 1. It doesn’t get any better. {Houzz}