“Kerrie is fabulous! She helped us select all the finishes, fixtures and appliances for our kitchen, dining room, living room, family room and entry remodel. We love the cohesive look she created. Kerrie’s work wows all our guests. Before I contacted her I was nervous that she would view our project as small potatoes since my husband was going to do the work. She never did! Kerrie gave us her full focus and made us feel very comfortable. She was responsive and never left us hanging. The plan she provided thought of everything and left no room for arguments between my husband and me. How many people can say they made it through a remodel without a single fight? I attribute that to Kerrie’s attention to detail. We can’t agree on the bathroom project so I’m getting ready to hire Kerrie help us with a plan we can agree on. Like I said, Kerrie is fabulous!” {Houzz}