Posted on Sep 7, 2017


When your design pals at Crossville Tile call to invite you to their Headquarters, you know it is going to be fun! Touted as the leading American manufacturer of beautiful, sustainable tile solutions, we sent our designer, Katie. She recently assisted our team in designing the Traditional Home Napa Showhouse bathroom using Crossville’s beautiful product. See how Katie kicked up her heels by visiting Nashville for the first time.


Staying at Nashville’s Sheraton Grand Downtown, made for a truly special hotel experience with a focus on design and details.

From its soaring 30+ story industrial entry with exposed elevator shafts and chain link light fixtures, this space captivates you upon arrival. Whether you’re a business savvy traveling professional or escaping from it all on a girls’ weekend getaway, this hotel has you covered. Equipped with a moody library bar for your pre-dinner cocktails and several meeting rooms and conference spaces, you can easily find that balance between work and play.

And what could be better than being walking distance away from the action? Located within five-city-blocks of Lower Broadway, you’re just a short stroll away from Nashville’s notorious Honky Tonk Highway.


Have you really been to Nashville if you haven’t experienced a down and dirty honky-tonk bar? The answer is no, and we were so glad that our short jaunt to Nashville allowed for some time to hit a few favorites. If you’ve ever Googled Nashville nightlife, you’ve heard of Legends Corner and The Stage on Broadway—the home stage to many stars we know and love today.

If you love mingling with people from all across the country, enjoying a cold one, listening to amazing vocal artists trying to make their big break (and no cover charge!), you’ve got to put these on your list. Before you know it, you’ll be singing the classics, clinking glasses with all your new friends and shutting the place down.


After a night of boot-scoot boogying, we were feeling a little Frenchy and had to pop into this darling bistro. Voted one of Nashville’s must-experience spots for design lovers by Vogue Magazine, La Sel was just that! The classic black and white décor was washed with red neon lights to give it a blushing glow and the otherwise serious ambiance was given a whimsical touch with pink velvet banquette seating and hand painted + scribbled walls that dripped down the wainscoting.


The menu included traditional French dishes as well as modern twists on French classics. We sipped champagne, nibbled on deviled eggs and bucheron cheese, and divulged in Parisienne gnocchi with scallops and heirloom tomatoes. But the real winner? The post-feast peach jam stuffed beignets. Simply irresistible.


We couldn’t leave Nashville without visiting the Country Music Hall of Fame! Nestled inside this historic property, we had the pleasure of touring Hatch Show Print—one of the oldest letterpress print shops in America.

Known for being the lead advertisement media for the members of the Grand Ole Opry and rock & roll legend Elvis Presley, the shop is still in business today. Each Hatch Show Print poster is individually hand-crafted by carving each letter or graphic into wood or linoleum and then inked into paper. Needless to say, these artists have extreme patience and precision! We had such a great time touring this facility and admire their success in their craft in such a digitized market. If you don’t have time to do the tour, definitely stop by their gift shop and bring home a piece of Nashville history.

We can’t thank Crossville enough for their hospitality—it is always wonderful to not only learn new things in our industry but make life-long friends, too!

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