Posted on Apr 6, 2015

We are very humbled to share with you the new milestone that Kerrie Kelly Design Lab achieved this month—20-years in the interior design business. This is a great accomplishment for the entire team and it was only possible because of YOU and your continued guidance and support.

I opened All American Design & Furnishings, Inc. out of my home in April 1995. I did it as a side business while working for Ralph Lauren Home Collection before Mr. Lauren offered paint, rugs and lighting to complete his looks. The Anapolsky family, who owned the Sacramento Home Collection franchise, allowed me to do this as we could offer an added layer of service to our clients while complementing the Home Collection fabrics, furnishings, wallcovering and bedding. In 1999, when I began working for Del Webb Corporation, the generous team there along with my mentor and VP of Sales and Marketing, Gary Sorrels, allowed me to continue to work my design magic after hours and on weekends. He understood the desire and demand our clients had to make their homes “look like the model” beyond the finishes the Del Webb Design Studio offered. This really launched the full swing coordination of specifying, receiving and installing entire homes from start to finish. The experience of Ralph Lauren Home Collection and Del Webb Corporation offered an education well beyond my interior design schooling at Cal Poly and in business school.

When I left Del Webb in 2006, the true test in the design industry began. I saw clients out of my home and began to offer design information to clients via articles in the Sacramento Bee, which ultimately turned in to chapters of my Home Décor: A Sunset Design Guide book released in 2009. All American Design & Furnishings, Inc. then began doing business as Kerrie Kelly Design Lab and the tagline of Everyone Deserves Great Design was created. With the encouragement and support of my husband, the 400-square foot business space that donned the KKDL sign on J & 22nd Streets above See’s Candies was opened in 2010. With another book under our belt, My Interior Design Kit, we quickly grew into a new 900-square foot space just 10-blocks up at J & 32nd Streets and enjoyed our time next door to our neighbors and friends at Twiggs. It was then that we began to hire the incredible employees we have today. With that, another big move was in our near future, bringing us to our studio and retail space in the heart of East Sacramento which opened in January 2014. With numerous media opportunities, product development collaborations, and incredible clients and vendors, it has truly been an amazing journey.

Together, we have become stronger, constantly process improved, discovered the best product lines and brought our travel finds and designs to the Northern California region. Passion, hard work and commitment to our great design industry at large have fueled the Design Lab’s desire to serve you more and serve you better as we continue to grow our business. We are on our way up—literally! This year will include more design travel, speaking engagements, television appearances, Style, Home Depot and Zillow articles and Kerrie Kelly Design Lab product lines, which will also include an expansion of our team. When you visit us in the next couple of months, look up as we add a loft space to the Design Lab for design and content generation to service our clients and industry even further.

In this fast-paced digital age, it is very important for us to pause and thank you for your valued business. We do not take it for granted. On behalf of everyone at Kerrie Kelly Design Lab, I sincerely thank you for partnering with us and contributing to our continued success.