Posted on Dec 2, 2015


In a place we thought only existed in our dreams, we happily stumbled across one of our new favorite wine country hangouts. Silver Trident Winery, a hidden gem in elegant Yountville, pairs Team KKDL’s two favorite things: wine tasting and Ralph Lauren. Silver Trident Winery offers a special moment to the wine country tourist, combining wine and design to create a thoughtful and interactive tasting trip. Unlike other wineries, Silver Trident Winery takes the traditional tasting experience next level by offering an entire lifestyle experience. Curated with Ralph Lauren home products, thoughtful art pieces, and sophisticated antiques from across the globe, the cozy residential estate makes for a truly picture-perfect visit.


Bob Binder, the founder of Silver Trident Winery, was also the co-founder of Oceania Cruises (hence the tribute to the high seas). Along with his business partner Walter Jost, Silver Trident Winery became a household name. The brand is the type of bottle you’d find at a family table for supper, a holiday party with friends, or a swanky hotel bar in the middle of the city. It’s versatility and popularity make Silver Trident Winery a standout in Yountville, and California.


Located in a charming Mediterranean-style building, Silver Trident Winery is tucked into the most charming corner of Yountville, counting Thomas Keller’s The French Laundry as one of its next-door neighbors. Within its four walls, Silver Trident Winery showcases its beautifully crafted wine, as well as its beautifully crafted wares. Not only can you peruse the entire estate, you can purchase anything you see: wine, goblets, leather trays, throw pillows– You name it. Along with their eye-catching estate, Silver Trident Winery offers a more intimate loft setting fit for 20 of your favorite guests to sit back, relax, and sip wine atop Ralph Lauren couches and beneath Ralph Lauren light fixtures.


We’re counting down the days until we are back in wine country and sipping some of our favorite new blends from our favorite new winery. For more information be sure to check out their website and pay them a visit if you ever find yourself in Yountville!

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All images are courtesy of Silver Trident Winery