Posted on Jul 27, 2018

The Leadership Experience, presented by ASID is the ultimate event for design professionals of all levels, from forerunners and founders to up-and-comers. The Leadership Experience puts the spotlight on designers, focusing on the idea that when you are your best self, you can successfully lead others.

With learning opportunities custom-tailored to suit your individual needs – Lead Yourself, Lead Your Team, Lead your Firm – taught by a wealth of experienced faculty presenters, The Leadership Experience offers a unique opportunity to spark creativity, growth, and self-improvement. So, we were thrilled to join ASID members and staff to share ideas in Washington, DC.

During the Leadership Experience, we honor the individuals and organizations that are transforming lives through design. Celebration – The ASID Awards Gala brings together designers, design advocates, manufacturers, and suppliers from around the country to connect and enjoy an unforgettable evening. Last year, I received the Fellow Designation during the event. This year, we were inspired by the contributions of the ASID honorees as we celebrated their achievements.

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