Posted on Feb 7, 2019

No matter the project, it is always an honor and a pleasure when we are able to transform someone’s space, especially a home. Homes are so personal and are truly where a family’s heart lies.

We believe everyone should have a home that brings them joy from room to room and we recently had the opportunity to work on this lovely Lodi residence. Our client had some traditional family heirlooms that she adored and wanted to keep in the home but also wanted to freshen things up a bit. We loved the idea of mixing the old with the new and were truly inspired by some of her pieces. Check them out! 


Our Client’s Wish List

She wanted to inject more life into her home and make a statement through color and texture, while having durable and comfortable pieces that were made to withstand entertaining and lots of grandchildren!

Our Favorite Spot

What can we say? We love it all. If we have to choose, we absolutely loved transforming her open office space. The bookcase wallpaper provided a dramatic backdrop while layering on beautiful blue leathers and fabrics with soft wood tones truly gives the room that “WOW!” moment. And of course, her walking in and holding her heart was all the confirmation we needed that she loved it.


Design Obstacles? We’ll crush ’em.

Lighting was surprisingly our biggest obstacle with this project. Electrician after electrician visited the home just to tell her repeatedly that the fixtures we specified would not work (weight, height, you name it). In reality, it just took a little more bracing and moving a j-box down a few inches to get these gorgeous pieces installed and what a statement they make! We are so glad our client trusted us and held out for the one that said “We can do that!” – it truly changed the entire look and feel in the room and more importantly, she absolutely loves them.

Client Praise

We have already been told how much she enjoys sleeping in her master bedroom in her new plush bedding, having tea on her counter stools and curling up to watch television on the sofa with all of the new throw pillows, rug and table lamp. Up next is a dinner party to show off the dining table and chairs followed by a glass of wine on the back patio around the Blazing Beats Fire Pit! We’re waiting for our invite. 🙂 

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