Posted on Mar 5, 2019

With my #BlondeFox collection at GO Home and past work experience with Ralph Lauren Home Collection, I have harnessed the equestrian horse bit and riding boot details when it comes to the home. And when I say that, I mean every square inch of it.

Organize A Tricky Outdoor Space

I have an awkward outdoor space/storage area for our potting tools, extra soil and fertilizer and occasional furnishings behind my garage. I have always looked at it as an opportunity for a stylish niche and finally found some products via Martha Stewart’s latest Living Magazine issue to put it together.

By adopting black lidded galvanized feed-buckets from The Cary Company and collapsible brass bucket holders from FarmTek, I have been able to corral my potting soil and the tools associated with it.

Organize A Tricky Outdoor Space

How to Install

Simply attach the brass bucket holders to an outdoor wall, drop in the buckets and, voila!

Kerrie Kelly - How to Organize an Outdoor Space

What is typically used for horse snacks in stables now supports our outdoor chores so we can easily replenish bird feeders and have access to rose pruning and lemon harvesting products. No more awkward outdoor space for us! As soon as we step outdoors, we are truly off to the races in style.