Posted on Mar 6, 2019

Franke Kitchen Systems is one of the leading stainless steel kitchen sink manufacturers in the world. They are also one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen faucets, hot and cold water filtration, under mount sinks and waste disposers for residential kitchens and bathrooms, professional food service and coffee filtration.

While at KBIS, the ASID national board had the opportunity to hang out in their coffee lounge for a roundtable chat and share dinner with them, learning the latest in their product innovation and recently launched plumbing items. Here are some of their latest and greatest products that we adore.

Franke Chef + Culinary Center

Franke’s Chef Center gives you the power of a beautifully designed sink system, with a wide basin for large pots and pans.

The Culinary Center makes meal preparation and cleanup a breeze. No more cluttering your cupboards with cutting boards and colanders. Everything is on hand and perfectly organized when you need it. Plus, it doubles as the perfect station when you are entertaining.

Franke Crystal

Crystal adds a new dimension to cutting-edge sink design. A shatter-resistant glass cover cleverly obscures the drain and pairs elegantly with the stainless steel, diamond finish bowl.


Franke Fireclay Sinks

Fireclay is the perfect blend of nature and design. Whether you prefer classic or modern design, you will simply love the delicate shapes and colors of Franke’s offerings; there is the perfect solution for every space.

Connect with Franke through their website, Facebook and Instagram, and if something strikes your fancy, let’s chat so Team #KKDL can make it a reality for you. We can’t wait to hear what you think!