Posted on Apr 6, 2020

Now that you have had the opportunity to “experience” your home for quite a few back-to-back days, what do you love about it? What do you need to fix, stat?! The team at KKDL feels we can come out of this crisis one of two ways—depressed and defeated or energized and ready to take on the world! Our home environment helps determine our overall outlook and attitude. Small steps along the way can be one way to create the home you have always dreamed about—and there are so many resources to support you in that effort.

If you want to get away from it all by immersing yourself in a home project or want to do something for your home with your family, we have rounded up a few ideas for you here.

Bring the outdoors in. Adding organic elements like an olive branch arrangement, sisal rugs and natural fabrics gives an effortless texture that creates a sense of calm. Blurring the lines between indoors and out, expands your square footage visually and often physically. Let indoor-outdoor fabrics in the same neutral color palette play off each other to create a seamless aesthetic.

Cut the chaos. Design around mindfulness—for some this means creating a space for meditation and reading, for others a simple perch to let the sunlight in for a quiet tech-free moment. Feather in irresistibly soft layers of pillows and throws, mixed with rich textures, soothing hues and subtle patterns for an always inviting aesthetic. Add a little candlelight to complement the soothing feel.

Edit your space. Just because the dining room cabinet is in the dining room, doesn’t mean it has to stay there. Would you be better served by moving the dining cabinet to the library or office and housing stacks of books there in lieu of dishes? Take a look at the furnishings you already own, edit their contents and give a piece of furniture new life with a fresh coat of paint or move to another room.

Discover your go to recipe. When we all get out of this, we are going to want to party! Set your dining space in a way that is ready for celebration with friends and loved ones. Take the time to test new recipes and mix-and-match your place settings so you’re “entertaining ready” when the time comes.

Find ways to play. Spending more time at home makes us crave ways to play. Get more from your nesting by adding a big screen television, pool table or table tennis in your game room, basement or loft area. For smaller flex-spaces, consider a poker table that can also welcome puzzles and board games.

Display art that inspires. Build the statement wall of your dreams by creating a gallery wall of your favorite photos and memories. Customize a look that suits your style by using consistent or mixing-and-matching frames, styles and sizes. Display your growing art collection on a simple shelf, making new additions a breeze.

Start a design project with your kids. Kids’ bedrooms and playrooms support a variety of activities. Give an aspiring artist plenty of room to create their masterpieces with a craft table. Or consider creating a storage solution for your child’s play, sleep and study spaces. Add personalized storage containers to cubbies and base cabinets to show kids where everything goes at the end of the day.

Fulfill New Year’s resolutions now. Create a room for wellness and exercise (or dance parties) by clearing out a bedroom and creating a studio retreat. Whether you appreciate exercise or a daybed to regroup, make it a space you’ll use beyond hosting holiday house guests.

How will you modify your home in the next few months? Share your ideas and renovations in the comments below.