Posted on Dec 15, 2020

As a Ferguson Showroom Insider, I was asked to share an experience of hope and gratitude for the year. Upon reflecting what I’m grateful for in 2020, I realized that many of the things we have previously taken for granted are what are invigorating us now. And even during a year that has profoundly altered our lives, I have much to be thankful for.

I am immensely grateful for the way the scientific community has come together on a global scale to find medical solutions to combat COVID-19. I appreciate how our nation’s frontline workers don’t see lines of division. Instead of politics, race, religion or economic status, they see people who are sick with a highly contagious virus, in need of a high level of care. I’m so appreciative of the nurses and health care providers who repeatedly get up, suit up and selflessly care for patients at great risk to themselves every day.

This time of crisis has forced us to find new ways of living safely, which has inspired creativity among our design team, clients and industry partners. It is gratifying to witness so many people leaning into the discomfort of uncertainty to get creative and discover innovative design and business solutions. How our brand partners, especially in the kitchen and bath space, have developed products to support new facets of our lifestyle, keeping safety and sanitization in mind, over just a matter of months is extraordinary.  I’m also very thankful, both personally and professionally, for the ability to work remotely during this time. Our business pivoted to a partial remote work model early in the pandemic, and we’ve discovered the flexibility reduces stress and drives innovation with an increase in productivity.

I am deeply grateful for our local and design communities. My professional community has banded together this year to support one another. Activities like virtual happy hours and cooking classes help keep things light during these difficult times. Our extended business partners and clients have maintained great attitudes and a spirit of helpfulness as we navigate delayed deliveries, unexpected production issues and extended turnaround times as we button up projects for the year.

This 2020 rollercoaster has given me a new perspective. Things that used to be a “big deal” don’t carry the weight they did a year ago. Noticing the little things that I used to take for granted–like taking a long walk on a beautiful winter morning, a great cup of coffee or cooking for my intimate group of familiar faces–has buoyed my spirits. While at times it may seem as if the world is beyond chaotic, I welcome the positive spirit of gratitude and hope. It is so important to maintain hope that we will emerge from this traumatic time stronger than before. I plan to celebrate our comeback, and for that, I am grateful.