Posted on Dec 15, 2020

This blog was sponsored by Phillip Jeffries, the world’s leader in natural, textured and specialty wallcoverings.

As an interior designer, if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a master bedroom headboard layered upon a window – especially with shutters. When we moved into our home 10-years ago, we built our whole master bedroom space around the existing television hook-up location. While we were realistic that we actually wanted a television in the room, we were never satisfied about the location of the television, or any piece of furniture in our master bedroom for that matter.


With all the travel we would do, we would always comment on the wonderful feel of the master suite we were staying in and how much we appreciated the space, regardless of the size of the room. To have the television at our feet instead of at our side was a luxury. And until we could give ourselves permission to simply call the AV guy and ask him to relocate the hook-up, our master suite “chi” was blocked—until now.

Recently we took a trip to Santa Barbara and stayed in a small hotel room at the Hotel Californian. We always thought of trying to turn the bed to meet the current location of the television hook up, but realized we actually needed to relocate the hook-up to meet the appropriate location of where the bed should be. Oddly, but often as designers, the most difficult spaces to design are our own.


Once that hook-up was relocated, a whole new bevy of opportunities were created to make our space special. The first designer detail we decided to add would really set the tone for the space— Phillip Jeffries Studs & Stripes wallcovering created a backdrop that not only fit the theme of our overall home scheme, but created a womb-like feel for peaceful relaxation, better than any hotel we’ve ever stayed in.

The gold-studded and textured navy blue grass cloth creates interest, luxury and an organic feel that complements a new distressed leather headboard. And while the paper has its own personality, it still was neutral enough for us to add bedding, an area rug and lighting layers to effortlessly round out the space.

Our home should always support our lifestyle. And in today’s environment, it should feel luxurious to rest our head on our pillow at night and wake-up each morning. I always wanted my home to feel better than the hotel suite I am visiting. With Phillip Jeffries wallcovering, we have finally accomplished this.