Posted on Feb 25, 2022

When it comes to deciding if your home is due for a makeover there are two types of signs to look out for—functional design details and design style. Functional design details include items that no longer work and may need replacing, whereas design style focuses on personal preferences related to your aesthetic and lifestyle. Below we’ve discussed some major signs to look out for when considering home improvement.

Original Elements

When living in an older home, original fixtures will eventually need to be replaced, especially if you want to keep your home functioning. Though it is common to utilize vintage pieces, it is important to mix the old with the new to give your home a fresh aesthetic.

Often dated design style can be found in the bathroom. If your home was last updated in the 70’s, your bathroom may feature older tiles, shower units, and vanity cabinets; this is a sure sign that your bathroom is ready for an update. One easy way to mix the old with the new is to replace some of the furniture and fixtures. Your space can benefit greatly from a brand new bathroom vanity, giving the room an updated look without having to tear it down to the studs. A new vanity will not only refresh the design, it will also provide more storage underneath if you decide to size up or save square footage if you’re sizing down.

Vinyl flooring and old carpet are another big indicator that your home needs updating. Though this may not be original to the home, it is a dated feature that is found in homes across the country. Often when pulling out old flooring, we discover beautiful hardwood floors hiding underneath. If this is the case, this can be a very budget friendly way to update your home without too much work. A little sanding, staining, and sealing will do the trick and is easy enough to do yourself.

Technology Upgrade

There are several ways technology can improve your home, and homes lacking these improvements will need to be updated to stay relevant, especially if you plan on selling. This can be as easy as switching to energy efficient light bulbs and upgrading your furnace, offering cost savings in your monthly energy bills, as well as making your home more sustainable. There are also ways to improve your home’s security through smart home systems like outdoor cameras, door sensors, and smart locks. These are all new products that can be a simple upgrade to any older home and will keep you and your family safe day-to-day.

Up-to-Date Design Style

Other obvious indicators that your design style is out-of-date can include wood paneling, Tuscan kitchens, vertical blinds and popcorn ceilings. These are all very easy fixes that just take a little time and planning. First you’ll want to identify a new design style or styles that meet your preferences, then start budgeting and planning your projects. When planning, you don’t need to change everything at once, but you will want to consider incorporating 2022 trends into your new and improved design.

New Structure + Fixtures

Keeping an eye on the structure of your home is very important, especially if it is an older home. Stay up-to-date on the maintenance by having your house inspected every 5-years, regardless of the age of your home. A home inspection covers everything from the foundation of your home to the electrical and plumbing inside, and the roof up top. This is very important to ensure you aren’t overlooking anything that could cause problems down the road, but also to keep you and your family safe. In between these inspections you can keep an eye out for any obvious issues. This can include checking your roof for any damage, the foundation for cracks, and staying on top of furnace filter changes. That way when your home inspection rolls around, you aren’t wasting money to fix things that could have been prevented with a little maintenance.

These are just a few of the many indicators that your home is ready to be updated. Now is the time to begin planning those large and small renovations to ensure your home is safe, functionable, and up-to-date.