Posted on Aug 1, 2022

On my bucket list for years, Outstanding in the Field is a roving restaurant without walls. And last month, we finally got to experience the long winding white linen dressed outdoor table at Forlorn Hope Vineyards with Chef Kevin O’Connor and the OITF team. The location was a bit off the beaten path and we had to look for the signature OITF sign to know exactly where to go. Adding to the experience, when we arrived, we were greeted by a glass of wine and had the opportunity to bring our own plate or select one of our own from the OITF collection.

Forlorn Hope Vineyard is the winery and brainchild of host vintner Matthew Rorick and the result of his very hardworking team of vignerons, farmworkers and cellar hands.

We felt quite lucky to dine among their 75-acres of organically grown grapes in the Sierra Foothills — where steep rows of vines are surrounded by thick woods and cascading hills gleaming under the California sun.

We tasted the wines alongside a Mediterranean meal from guest chef Kevin O’Connor. He’s a Sierra Foothills native passionate about hunting, foraging, and cooking outdoors. He’s also a self-proclaimed olive oil geek and a certified olive oil sommelier.

Looking forward to where the next Outstanding in the Field event will be—on the ocean? In the vineyard? Or maybe mountainside? Where would you choose to enjoy?