Posted on Mar 9, 2017

Tile, similar to rugs and statement lighting, pretty much make the design. Whether it be a stylish backsplash in the kitchen or the prettily patterned mosaics in the shower, tile is a beautiful workhorse that its time we recognize. We gave our friends at Crossville a call and asked them to share their super secret design insight with us– what’s new, what’s next, and what we should be ditching.

What’s new?

There’s a definite pendulum swing from rustic to refined. While the farmhouse look will still be prominent, there’s a shift from relaxed to structured, which is exciting. In tile, we can look forward to seeing lots of symmetry, stark color palettes, and interesting configurations.

Additionally, wood mimicking tile is the new hardwood. Because tile is so resilient, homeowners are starting to prefer this type of flooring to traditional hardwood which can sometimes warp or stain. Expect see tile companies fill this niche in the coming years.

Our favorite trend for the season? Highly polished tile. Showcasing an almost metallic sheen, kitchen backsplash is about to get a whole lot more glamorous. Gold, silver, brass, and copper shades are finding their way to tiling in places like the kitchen and bathroom, offering dimension and interest without sacrificing design. We’re totally on board.

With the maker movement in full effect (and only gaining traction, especially with Millennial homeowners), we can expect to see a seismic shift to tile that tells a story. Whether it’s sourced from a small South American village, or it’s artisan-crafted by expert tile makers in Portugal, home goods that are globally sourced can seem domestically honed when paired with a unique backstory, especially when each piece is handmade or painted interestingly.

What’s changing?

Cool gray has had its day in the sun, and tile makers all over are seeing a move toward warmer colors and materials. Instead of blue-based grays, homeowners and designers alike will be gravitating toward colors like fawn, greige, and taupe. Interestingly enough, these brown-based colors still have a characteristically neutral tone to them and can still be paired with the same fixtures and home accents as colors in the gray family.

Lighting and tile will start playing in the same sandbox come 2018. Features like back-lighting and hidden plugs and switches will begin to incorporate tile patterns and configurations to add beauty and interest to everyday sights.

It’s time to talk texture. Linen and denim are just a few of the fabrics being mirrored by tile with subtle crosshatch and striated patterns being worked into the tiles to add dimension to backsplashes all over the world.

What’s out?

Ugly grout. This part of the design process is hard to love as it is, but recently grout has gotten a major upgrade: glitter. Add metallic to your tile work with grout featuring subtle sparkle for a crystal-like finish that’s sure to impress.

Plain subway tile. White subway is the vanilla ice cream of tile: a classic but could use an update. We’ll be seeing a shift toward configurations, textures, and details that spruce up the everyday white subway tile. Dynamic grout is great for subway tile, especially in a darker tone (or featuring glitter).

What tile trends are YOU seeing this year? Leave your comments or feedback below!

Images courtesy of Crossville Inc.

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