Posted on Jul 4, 2018

What is your favorite Christmas memory? Many of my favorite Christmas memories were created as my family and friends gathered together to decorate our Christmas tree. My mom even had a tradition that we carry-on today called “The Kick Off Dinner”, held every December 1st to set the season into action. At that dinner, she would make a special new recipe and we would place each and every ornament while we ate homemade holiday treats and listened to Christmas music. As an adult, little has changed. In a world of chaos, work, and busy schedules, the time we get to spend with my family during the Christmas season is a time that we all cherish.

Every year, over 30-million Christmas trees are purchased and taken home in the United States. There are programs like Toys for Tots that bring toys and meals to the homes of tens of millions of families. Less common are organizations that provide Christmas trees and decorations to those same families. This is why we at Kerrie Kelly Design Lab created our program this year, Operation Holiday Spirit to bring a Christmas tree and basic Christmas decorations to help families who are less fortunate build memories that will last a lifetime. This month, we will begin collecting names of families who may benefit from such a donation, landing on one family to install a holiday tree with all the accouterments the week after Thanksgiving. All items will be left with the family to celebrate for years to come.

To nominate a family that could use a little extra help spreading holiday cheer this coming holiday season, please fill out the form below. We ask that you nominate a family that could use help decorating their home and their tree this holiday season. Deadline for entries is October 15, 2018.

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