Posted on Dec 5, 2018

What is your favorite Christmas memory? Many of my favorite Christmas memories were created as my family and friends gathered together to decorate our Christmas tree. My mom even had a tradition that we carry-on today called “The Kick Off Dinner”, held every December 1st to set the season into action. At that dinner, she would make a special new recipe after she placed each and every ornament on the tree and throughout the house, just so she could share with us. We celebrated her hard work while we ate homemade holiday treats and listened to Christmas music. As an adult, little has changed. In a world of chaos, work, and busy schedules, the time we get to spend with my family during the Christmas season is a time that we all cherish.

This year we celebrated our 3rd Annual Kick-Off Dinner. We set the table with Hester and Cook Santa placemats, made up the hot cocoa bar for the kids, both big and small, and sang carols with Ruby Jaye tinkling the piano keys. We also enjoyed homemade meals of our 75 closest friends and family—each celebrating their own family heritage and traditional holiday dinners. Latkes, perogies, tamales, pad Thai, desserts and plenty of wine filled our Santa bellies.

A fantastic time was had by all. Enjoy some photos from our celebration!

Kick Off Dinner - Kerrie Kelly - Tablescape

Vinny helping set the scene.

Hester & Cook Santa Placemats

Kick Off Dinner - Kerrie Kelly

Everyone loves bubbles!

Even the Wagoneer was decked out.

A little splash of red plaid.

Kick off Dinner - Kerrie Kelly at home

Enjoying the company of loved ones.

Kick Off Dinner 2018 Collage

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