Posted on Dec 4, 2018

Kerrie Kelly - Replacements LTD.- 1

Replacements, LTD has had a place at the table for all guests since 1981, when Bob Page took the bold step of starting Replacements in the attic of his home. Nearly four decades later, his tireless passion continues to drive and inspire to help each generation reinvent how to entertain, gather and make a house a home.

Replacements helps create experiences that last a lifetime by providing the world’s largest selection of vintage and current tableware and collectibles. Team KKDL was able to experience this firsthand, not only through our families over the years but also with Replacements at the Greensboro, North Carolina headquarters and at High Point Market this Fall.

Kerrie Kelly - Replacements Headquarters Tour

Team #KKDL touring the warehouse!

Replacements LTD Tour

One of the many, many aisles in their warehouse.

More about Replacements

Some fun facts we came across on our tour at headquarters include the following:

– Replacements has over 11 million pieces from over 45,000 patterns

– Their headquarters receive up to 70,000 new pieces weekly

– Replacements thinks green by recycling up to 300 tons of cardboard and nearly 30 tons of paper each year

– The headquarters office is a bring your pet to work shop

– Replacements has been named one of the top 25 free attractions in the United States

– The company has a free pattern identification service and you can register all of your patterns with the company online

With the holiday season upon us, is it time to register your patterns or find something new?

If so, share with us what you got!

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