Posted on Apr 2, 2020

Recently while visiting the Signature Kitchen Suite Experience Center in Napa, I was introduced to an appliance outside the realm of the kitchen area. I was touring the beautiful showroom, the smart home display and falling in love with the sous vide cooking approach for which the brand is known. When I came around the corner, I stumbled upon a laundry room display. It reminded me of my set up at home, but had the addition on one special appliance—the LG Styler. Moments later when I inquired about the product, our rep took off his jacket and demonstrated just what this work horse can do. The Styler looks like a small closet but when opened you discover that it reduces wrinkles in fabrics and maximizes the appearance of clothing and other special-care items between dry cleanings. It can also reduce allergens in clothes, bedding, sportswear, and children’s plush toys, sanitizing the fabrics in your home with ease.

The Styler is a so-called “clothes manager” that steams, shakes and dries your clothes so that after a long day of work, so they’re ready for another go around that same night. We were told the LG Styler would change our lives and it is true. Not only have we saved tremendously on our typical dry cleaning bill, we have lengthened the life of our clothing and eliminated chemicals in the environment known to be used in the dry cleaning process. And an added bonus, the LG Styler reduces bacteria and fungi by at least 99%.

 Weekly dry cleaning bills have just been reduced.

I love that we can easily care for fabrics that can’t be treated in traditional washers or high-heat tumble dryers like linen, silk, leather, wool and velvet. My husband loves that install involves just plugging the LG Styler into any standard outlet, fill the water container, and start refreshing. The cherry on top is that we can control the Style from our phone—we use the SmartThinQ app to check remaining cycle time, download cycles, and more.

Is this an appliance you would consider in your home? Let me know in the comments below.