Posted on Feb 17, 2021

A few days back I received a virtual introduction to an innovative company owner from a dear friend of mine. With a couple of email notes back and forth, I soon found myself on a Zoom call talking about wine and design. By the end of the call, I was deemed a “Wine Hero” and newest member of the Plum Wine 2021 Design Council!

Meet Plum, your very own “virtual sommelier”. After learning more about this wine-friendly product, our #KKDL design team predicts this will be one of the must have appliances of 2021-2022, not only for residential kitchens but commercially in hotels, restaurants, and wineries, too.

Plum looks sleek and sophisticated and can be either free standing or integrated within your kitchen, perhaps alongside your coffee maker?

·       Plum preserves wine for 90- days at the exact temperature the wine maker intended.

·       Plum’s motorized needle pierces the foil and closure, preserving your wine with argon gas.

·       Plum works with any standard 750ml bottle of wine with any closure.

·       Plum automatically identifies the vintage, varietal, region and winery, displaying the label on the touchscreen to create a virtual tasting room to explore.

And while the dispensing action is convenient and inviting, because Plum offers opportunity to measure how much you want to drink, it also assists in those week-night drinking goals, limiting to just one glass versus the entire bottle.