Posted on Jul 29, 2021

With so much going on in the real estate market, often our clients come back to us for recommendations on sprucing up their home prior to selling it. Additionally, they ask us what to look for when deciding to purchase a home. All of the details—big and small—matter, so we have rounded up a quick list for your reference, too.



  • Focus on the basics: One of the best ways to add value to your home and help sell the property is to focus on the basics. Especially in a market like this, there is no need for major renovations. Best news of all, it won’t cost you a lot of money. Some examples of these quick updates include fresh mulch for a welcoming curb appeal. We also suggest touching up scuff marks or chips in the paint, fresh caulking throughout kitchen and bath areas, and updated hardware on the kitchen and bathroom cabinets. An instant update includes a fresh coat of paint on the front and garage doors and for extra credit pressure wash the driveway and roof.


  • Cleanliness counts: In today’s housing market, one of the most important parts of selling a home is to have a clean space. Thanks to the pandemic, any sign of dirt or clutter plays on a buyer’s psychology and is an instant turnoff. Make sure the floors are vacuumed, the walls are freshly painted, the windows washed and there isn’t any sign of dirt or dust. Also make sure the home smells clean. Open doors and window for a dose of fresh air and add a fresh floral arrangement to the kitchen or dining table.



  • Let there be light: When putting your home on the market, think light. For example, during an open house, open up all the window coverings to let as much natural light in. If a room doesn’t get much natural light, turn on the lights. If you have any walls with dark paint or just need to repaint, think soft whites, light tans, and light grays. Light helps your home feel bigger, and it also helps a buyer envision how they will decorate the space.


  • Depersonalize and declutter: The last thing a buyer wants is to walk into your home and see everything that makes this space personal to you. They need to be able to picture it as their own space. Remove family photos and other keepsakes that only speak to you and not a buyer. Basic furniture with nice décor is the way to go when showing your home to give them the feel for the home. No clutter also makes each room feel bigger. Now is a great time to go through all those old items that have been tucked away in the closets for years and sell them or donate them. It will also make your move less expensive as you will have fewer items to box up and transport.



While this list is great for preparing to buy or sell a home, it also works as a weekend chore checklist. Who says you should prepare your home for someone else to enjoy? Consider sprucing up your own space for maximum enjoyment all year long.