Posted on May 26, 2019

Being a brand ambassador for Mendota Hearth has been an educational experience as a designer and for our clientele. In the past, I may have thought that a fireplace insert, is a fireplace insert—pick brass or chrome accents. After working with the innovative fireplace and insert company, I have discovered the design considerations could be so much more, making a space better than I originally knew.

Before my work with Mendota Hearth, I had retrofitted our wood-burning fireplace to a simple fireplace insert as California was not allowing very many burn days. If there is anything I have to have during the cooler months, it’s a fire, so I was going to do whatever I needed to do to see that flicker and create that ambiance. Hence, my home in its “before Mendota” state.


Mendota Hearth-Kerrie Kelly Install

Recently, after specifying several Mendota Hearth fireplace inserts for my clients, I realized it was time to make it right in my own home. For clients, I saw how we could pick a herringbone liner or accents from a variety of metals that coordinated with their home’s interior. These details made such a difference in their design and now I wanted it for our home.

Knowing that in the Fall we will be refinishing our floors to an espresso tone, I selected an espresso liner. Realizing that I would like a little contrast to tie in our family room cabinetry, I selected birch logs. Wanting an understated accent finish, I selected Swedish nickel—and had to have the tone-on-tone removable corners and rivets. The rivets remind of my Cartier watch. I just love it when interior details mimic fashion moments and the rivets on the corners do just that.


Kerrie Kelly-Mendota Hearth After Install

Mendota Hearth-Kerrie Kelly Install

Love the rivets!


Mendota Hearth-Kerrie Kelly Install

True Mendota luxury.

We know that the change looks better—we can actually see a larger fireplace window instead of a big black hole. The great news is it also performs better. With a blower, our new Mendota Hearth Grace Front insert heats our room more quickly, making comfort not only beautiful but efficient.

Mendota Hearth-Kerrie Kelly Fireplace Install-After

Thank you Mendota Hearth for the education and for updating our home for our friends and family to enjoy for years to come.